InSoft Enterprise: A Standard System Customized to a Diversity of Clients

With InSoft Enterprise, all customers are actually running the exact same program, thus opening all kinds of new synergies. Through our version management program, even if two customers are running different versions of software, a simple upgrade to the newer version will suffice. Our secret lies in our smart configuration of each system. All upgrades to newer versions keep all previous customizations at all times.  We can therefore promise the shortest times from concept to full production.

InSoft AS thrives on solving challenging issues from the most demanding clients.

In InSoft’s client portfolio you will find many of the most successful companies; we have been busy creating long-standing value and optimization for our customers. In solving challenging situations will be where all qualities of InSoft Enterprise will shine.

All modules provided by InSoft are closely intertwined. When you buy our InSoft Enteprise, you will receive our standard program along with a cluster of smart modules that will work seamlessly together.