Business Intelligence is not enough to run Business – you should be able to run Business Intelligently.

InSoft’s mission has been – from day zero – to develop tools which companies can use to run business intelligently.

InSoft’s initial project of developing a suite of programs that, through a modular and configurable approach, could cover up to 90% of commercial and industrial software needs, has grown – through analytical groundwork and ethical thinking – into a company that can deliver complete software solutions, taking your projects from Research & Development, through Pilot, into full Scale Production, while minimizing losses and optimizing resources.

At InSoft, we nurture a crystal clear idea of how things should be, and of what it takes – in terms of experience, dedication and hard-work – to take your business to that point. InSoft is the brainchild of Jan-Gunnar Hole, who – at the crossroads of 10 years / 360 hours per month of work and a deep passion for complex problem analysis and solution – realized that the ancient philosophers were right when stating that reality consists of several individual elements and that there is a knowledgeable arrangement of the total, that will be based on the knowledge of its individual items and on the way they interact.

This capacity to understand all details that comprise industry and commerce was translated into a critical mass of knowledge that was the clay from which InSoft was modeled: a super-structure that can be tweaked and optimized to each and all clients.

InSoft – we see beyond the complication to understand the complexity and devise specialized technical solutions for complex industrial and commercial environments.