Our workflow draws first and foremost from our cooperation – you as customer, with us as supplier. The closer we are, the better the workflow and the final results

Through this cooperation process we are able to maximize the value of our skills and tools, and deliver a solid system fully customized to fit your specifications and fulfill your expectations.  The quality of the ERP system, in InSoft Enterprise, lies in its fine-tuned attention to details. We always follow to the fundamental principle that “It Is Better To Do The Right Thing Than To Do Things Right”.

Clients frequently tell us that “InSoft AS understands what they truly mean”. This good chemistry is the core of a positive spiral, in which we are able to translate  customer’s wishes into elegantly optimized working solutions – solutions created on the common ground of a positive spiral.

Sometime ago, a group of investors interested in analyzing a specific industry for potential investment opportunities came to the conclusion that one company – one of InSoft AS customers – was singled out in terms of performance, with markedly higher earnings and results. During the analysis process, Insoft AS was called in to explain the optimized solution that had been developed in cooperation with the over-achiever company. In the concluding remarks, the analyst stated: “it is understood that the straightforwardly smart solutions developed by InSoft AS are key to the achievements of the company”.